Interior Design

CLB homes are seamlessly integrated into their surroundings. From the outside, they embrace the land; from the inside, interior architecture blurs the lines between indoor and out — all to enhance the sense of immersion in nature. CLB’s holistic approach is reflected in its practices, with its interior design group capitalizing on its members’ combined 30 years of experience and immersion in the firm ethos.

At CLB, the process of creating interiors is fluid and dynamic. The designers work in close collaboration with architects, builders and homeowners from the earliest pre-design stage. They strive to express their clients’ unique personalities and aesthetics in the most fitting response to site, paying close attention to appropriate scale, and selecting a palette and materials that help ground the home in its setting. The resulting interiors are comfortable, livable and original, and express a quiet sophistication that favors timelessness over trendiness.

CLB’s commitment to inspired, intentional design extends from overall concept to the smallest detail. Our designers work with skilled furniture makers, metalworkers, glassblowers and textile companies to produce items that enhance everyday life and reflect the passions and preferences of the homeowners. CLB’s portfolio of thoughtful, beautiful and welcoming interiors showcases projects in the Rocky Mountain West, as well as nationally and internationally. In all projects, from hardscape to hardware, the aesthetic experience reads as a natural progression from site to architecture to interior spaces.

Each site and set of clients is unique. Each CLB design, from architecture to interiors, reflects that.