CLB is a cross-disciplinary design firm which pushes the growing edge of contemporary practice. Since their founding in Jackson, Wyoming in 1992, CLB has taken their frontier origins as a guiding ethos, mobilizing a uniquely holistic and place-inspired approach to projects spanning North America. Driven by an innate responsibility to people and place, and a desire to respond authentically to the conditions in which they practice their craft, CLB’s adept team of architecture and interior design professionals work to create environments that elevate, enrich, and inspire. 

Filtering landscapes through poetic built forms, CLB brings the occupant into an intimate, reciprocal relationship with their natural surroundings. Each project — from luxury mountainside residences and urban lofts, to evocative public spaces and immersive public installations — is conceived holistically, weaving through-lines of inspiration from the smallest furnishings to the largest formal gestures. Through three decades of practice, CLB has honed its own, distinct architectural language, exploring innovative construction methods and materials while maintaining respect for time-honored traditions. In drawing the specificities of the environment into each detail, “Inspired by Place” becomes more than a design philosophy — it frames a way of life. 

Respect for the environment is second nature to CLB. Place is considered an active participant in the design process, questioning established modes of building to work more sensitively and symbiotically with each site. Buildings are envisioned as enduring and indivisible parts of their surroundings, designed to address the environmental concerns of the present day as well as to anticipate the changing climate conditions of the future. With each new project, CLB reaffirms their commitment to social sustainability, collaborating with and learning from trusted local craftspeople. In strengthening connections with the community and taking advantage of specialized local knowledge, each project arises as a natural extension of the existing social and environmental connections which span far beyond the site.

CLB’s close-knit, highly-collaborative team includes 55 architecture and interior design professionals, working between studios in Bozeman, Montana and Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Led by partners Eric Logan, Kevin Burke, Andy Ankeny, and Darcey Prichard, the firm’s work has been recognized nationally and internationally over three decades of practice. Projects by CLB are featured regularly in a variety of publications, including Dezeen, Wallpaper, Metropolis, Architect Magazine, The Architect’s Newspaper, and Architectural Record. 


The work of the office spans a wide variety of project types with a strong emphasis on custom residential architecture. Community facilities, resorts, and mixed-use buildings make up the public side of the practice. In all of our work we focus on process, collaboration and integration of craft, material and constructability. This approach has resulted in numerous awards and publications and has raised public awareness of the benefits of good design.

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We create interior environments that are a natural extension of the architecture, with the belief that there should be no line where architecture ends and interiors begin. The practice seamlessly integrates a project’s architectural forms and materials with the interior furnishings, lighting and artwork.

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Our foray into Public Art began with members of the firm serving on boards for several art-based organizations. This community involvement led to CLB participating in local public art events and competitions.

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Our firm’s commitment to producing well-considered design extends to the objects that inhabit the spaces we create. The process of making things, whether a building or a door grip, reflects a deep-rooted understanding of the importance of personal interaction with design. As a team of accomplished architects and designers, we work diligently with craftspeople, and our clients, to realize original pieces that enrich the human experience.

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