Skyline is located in Laurel Canyon, Los Angeles, a mountainous neighborhood in the Hollywood Hills. A careful study of the relationship between the home and mountain views led to the creation of an interior concept that accentuates and engages with its surroundings. The resulting spaces are contemporary with a relaxed vibe.

Inside, soft tones and a clean aesthetic evoke a coastal feel. The homeowner worked alongside the interiors team to create a timeless concept. Design elements and inspiration from the homeowner’s family home in Martha’s Vineyard were integrated into the interior decor. In the living room, oversized doors and windows open to views of the greater Los Angeles basin. Taking advantage of this, furniture pieces with low profiles are incorporated to provide uninterrupted views and highlight the scenic mountain landscape. A reading alcove with a custom bookshelf anchors the southwest corner of the living room. One of the four bedrooms is converted into a full dressing room and adapted to support studio lighting for at-home auditions. The second bedroom is transformed into a pilates studio.

A neutral palette with unexpected pops of color is carried throughout the home and creates a casual atmosphere. Throughout the living space, accessories such as alpaca throw blankets sourced from the homeowner’s family farm define the laid-back atmosphere and add a personal touch that the client envisioned for the residence.

Project Team

Interior Design: Sarah Kennedy, Libby Erker, Sydney Millyard