Danielle Carozza

Joined CLB: 2022 Hometown: Shallotte, North Carolina Education: Bachelor of Science in Fashion and Textile Management, Minor in Sociology Outside the office: I have a weekly radio program for 89.1 KHOL Jackson where I get to play some of my current favorite music. I love biking and camping in the summers and cooking up something [ Read More ]

Roger Clark LEED AP BD+C

Joined CLB: 2020 Hometown: Anthony, Kansas Education: Kansas State University, Master of Architecture, Minor in Business Outside the office: Hiking, Biking, Skiing, and Board Games Inspired by: Architectural solutions that capture a sense of the vernacular of a place within a framework of biophillic, practical, and sustainable design. Having grown up helping out with his [ Read More ]

Finn Cleveland

Joined CLB: 2022 Hometown: Grundy Center, Iowa Education: Iowa State University, Bachelor of Architecture, Minor in Sustainability Outside the office: Mountain Biking, Hiking, Running, Skiing, Camping, Photography, Traveling, Sketching Inspired by: The main draw of Finn’s work is defined by the context in which he grows and functions in. His deep love for the outdoors [ Read More ]

Charlie Crotteau AIA

Joined CLB: 2022 Hometown: Free Union, Virginia Education: Virginia Tech, Bachelor of Architecture Outside the office: Mountaineering, Snowboarding, Adventuring Inspired by: I feel inspired when I am exploring in the mountains. Whether it be on foot, on a raft, or on a bike, I love the sense of adventure and discovery. Having lived in the [ Read More ]

Halie Dedering LEED GA

Joined CLB: 2020 Hometown: Appleton, Wisconsin Education: University of Wisconsin – Madison, Interior Architecture BS Outside the office: Downhill Skiing, Cross Country Skiing, Hiking, and Spending Time with Friend and Family Inspired by: Halie draws inspiration from the delicate balance of the built and natural environment. Seeking to bond people with their surroundings, Halie believes [ Read More ]

Laryssa Dotson

Joined CLB: 2022 Hometown: Davis, California Education: UC Davis, Bachelor in Communications and Managerial Economics Outside the office: Cooking, Interior Design, Fishing, Hiking, and Camping Inspired by: I’m inspired by all. No matter where I am, I find inspiration all around me. Seeing the beauty that surrounds us, opens new doors to different opportunities and [ Read More ]

Rebecca Elroy

Joined CLB: 2023 Hometown: Portland, Oregon Education: Master of Architecture, Master of Interior Architecture, Bachelors of Science in Visual Arts Outside the office: Outside of the studio Rebecca loves to design and build furniture, explore the Rockies with her dog Charlie, and paddleboard the crystal-clear blue waters of Wyoming. She’s also obsessed with Pickleball and [ Read More ]

Libby Erker

Joined CLB: 2016 Hometown: Saint Louis, Missouri Education: Studio Art, BA and Art History, BA Outside the office: Getting into the Mountains, Hiking, Backpacking, Skiing, Biking Inspired by: People inspire me. Telling their story through design is what I love to do – weaving in inspiration from place and architecture to what excites the clients [ Read More ]

Olivia Flake

Joined CLB: 2023 Hometown: Steamboat Springs, Colorado Education: Virginia Tech, Bachelor of Architecture Outside the office: Skiing, Traveling, Hiking Inspired by: Growing up amidst the stunning mountains instilled in me a lifelong connection to the beauty of nature. I’ve always dreamt of returning to these awe-inspiring peaks one day. My passion for architecture was ignited [ Read More ]