Finn Cleveland

Finn Cleveland

Project Coordinator

Growing up on a small farm in northeast Iowa, Finn has always had a deep interest for constructing and exploring the built environment. His constant curiosity for the outdoors and architecture stems from his family vacations which were spent exploring the mountains through camping and hiking. Throughout high school Finn worked as a contractor building custom residential homes around his hometown which helped further spark an interest in architecture. During his studies of architecture at Iowa State University, Finn was drawn to the economics and complexity of environmental science which influenced him to pursue a minor in sustainability during his education. The fundamental principles of architecture extends beyond the built environment which became an ideal focus for Finn within his studies. Finn worked on projects throughout school studying robotic fabrication to improve building constructability, research into complex adaptive systems to improve sustainable practices, holistic approach of experiential architecture, and the effects of post colonialism on a modern society. Finn was a part of a Post-Novis Play which was an exhibition displayed at the MAGAZIN in Vienne, Austria during June-July 2022. Finn firmly believes in Bjarke Ingles’ philosophy of “Yes is more,” and turning the idea of “What if?” into “Why not?”

After graduating from Iowa State University in the spring of 2022, Finn came to CLB to learn to be more meaningful with design and to have the opportunity to truly be inspired by the context in which we live. His deep love for the outdoors and the natural world helps inspire him to push beyond the extents of our imagination. Architecture is defined by the context in which it grows and functions in.

Outside the office Finn enjoys spending his free time in the outdoors through mountain biking, hiking, running, skiing, camping, photography, traveling, and sketching the world which he’s inspired by.