Forrest Britton

Forrest Britton

Project Manager

While studying Architecture at North Carolina State University, Forrest cultivated a design philosophy centered on responding to regional context with modern architectural techniques. Traditional building practices reveal lessons to architects that have been learned through generations of trial and error. Modern methods, materials, and spacial ideas offer endless opportunities for creative and thoughtful designs. A designer with knowledge of both the local past and the global present has the opportunity to synthesize his environment into successful architecture. This idea of a regional modernism is not based on any particular look or style; it is a process, and it is holistic.

Personal architectural values trace back to childhood. One of his first hobbies was carving cars from blocks of wood, becoming the root of a passion for creation that would never abate. Family vacations split time between iconic cities and the western American landscape that would eventually become his home. These early interests in craft, urbanity, and nature built into a curiosity aimed toward the ways we build and inhabit our world. They also represent Forrest’s belief in harmonizing the many scales of design: refined details, a strong conceptual foundation, and large-scale contextual relationships, which all play a role in creating great architecture.

Forrest joined CLB in 2016, and has worked on a range of residential projects. He enjoys spending his free time in the inspirational landscape that surrounds Jackson, hiking and camping on the weekends. He likes watching and playing sports, and keeping his design skills sharp with sketches of hypothetical projects.