Eric Logan AIA

Born and raised in Wyoming, Eric’s motivation to design comes from the very soil on which CLB’s practice is built. Over nearly three decades at the firm, Eric has “led by doing” – guiding design decisions from the most intricate details to broader, landscape-wide strokes. Eric’s relentlessly grounded work ethos has helped foster a collaborative [ Read More ]

Kevin Burke AIA, LEED AP

Kevin’s approach to design is rooted in a deep appreciation for the natural landscape and an understanding of the built environment as an honest, essential expression of its place. Drawn to construction and the way complex assemblies are put together, Kevin’s process supports best-practice techniques, and the relationship to land, history, and vernacular forms. His [ Read More ]

Andy Ankeny AIA

Filtering abstract concepts through every small detail, Andy is an architect dedicated to what he calls “cultivation through craft.” He considers himself a product of the Western environment, having grown up surrounded by custom residential construction in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. With firsthand experience of building and a deep respect for the endeavor of turning design [ Read More ]

Darcey Prichard

Invested in both people and place, Darcey is the organizational engine behind CLB and has spearheaded the firm’s marketing and operational efforts for over twenty years. She helped lay the early foundations for the firm’s administrative structure shortly after joining the firm and has since continued to develop her position to match her multifaceted skillset [ Read More ]

Sam Ankeny AIA

Sam is deeply invested in the components that make up the big picture in architecture, from technical details to ephemeral, experiential conditions of place. Spending his childhood on construction sites in and around Jackson Hole with his family’s contracting company, Sam’s interests quickly developed from scrap-heap assemblages to full-scale architecture. Now 16 years into practice, [ Read More ]

Bryan James AIA, LEED AP

Bryan has 18 years of experience designing commercial, institutional, resort, multi-family housing, and custom residential projects.  Bryan’s interest and passion in both modern and western vernacular architecture ensures his work engages clients, is responsive to the surrounding environment, and is inventive. Bryan holds a Bachelor of Architecture degree from the University of Kentucky. After graduation [ Read More ]

Sarah Kennedy

Driven by the idea that interiors should evolve directly from the design of a building, Sarah’s work is rooted in an appreciation of the architectural ideas behind a space. After architecture, Sarah’s design language is guided by clients, nature, light, and materials, whether in her native Australia, her adopted home of Jackson Hole, or elsewhere. [ Read More ]

Eli Ayres

Originally from the hills of Western Massachusetts, Eli developed a passion for residential design at an early age as his family renovated old houses across the northeast. After graduating in 2018 with a BS in Architecture from the University of Massachusetts – Amherst, Eli joined a small firm in Austin, TX where he worked on [ Read More ]

Forrest Britton

While studying Architecture at North Carolina State University, Forrest cultivated a design philosophy centered on responding to regional context with modern architectural techniques. Traditional building practices reveal lessons to architects that have been learned through generations of trial and error. Modern methods, materials, and spacial ideas offer endless opportunities for creative and thoughtful designs. A [ Read More ]

Kelsee Brock

Kelsee recently moved to Jackson from small town Indiana after studying Kinesiology at Miami University. There she worked at the local recreation center and a retailer. Seeking a change of scenery, she found her way to Jackson. While not from a creative background, she has always been intrigued by the design process. She hopes to [ Read More ]