Jeffrey Johnston

Jeffrey Johnston


As a tactile learner, Jeffrey has always looked for new orientations to experience the built environment through hands-on experience. When he moved to Wyoming in 2015, Jeffrey stepped away from the architecture world, picked up a set of tool bags and began a two-year journey into the field of construction. In order to become a more well-rounded architect, Jeffrey sought to learn not only framing and carpentry, but also a sense of making and the process of constructing.

While studying architecture at the University of Colorado Boulder’s Environmental Design Program, Jeffrey was able to simultaneously gain real world world experience working in the offices of 4240 Architecture. During his two and a half years there, Jeffrey worked with clients on a varying scale of hospitality, higher education, and private residential projects. With each project’s unique set of challenges, he learned to respond with precise, pragmatic design solutions.

Jeffrey seeks to design simply and efficiently, with the building process top of mind.

Spending as much time as possible fly fishing, Jeffrey loves exploring new water and observing the dynamic topography of the region’s many rivers throughout each season.