Sarah Kennedy

Sarah Kennedy


Interior Design Director

Crafting interior environments that pull from the natural landscape, Sarah finds her design inspiration in the sights, smells, and sounds of nature. She composes evocative details, furnishings, and material palettes in conversation with a specific place, renegotiating the threshold between exterior and interior. Raised around the construction industry in Sydney, Australia, Sarah grew up intimately familiar with the many hands that contribute to the building process. After a youth spent surfing, she found her way into the design field as a natural extension of her creative intuition, curiosity, and love of travel. Now as Interior Design Director at CLB, Sarah brings her site-sensitive, big-picture approach to every project —from luxury residences to hospitality and retail spaces. Sarah is an expert at helping clients uncover their vision, and making intangible ideas into inhabitable realities. 

Sarah received a Diploma of Interior Design from Australia’s Whitehouse Institute of Design in 2002, and went on to earn her Advanced Diploma from Design Centre Enmore. Sarah went on to fine-tune her skills in a variety of professional settings around the world, from Sydney, where she worked in design, space planning, and detailing at the interior architecture firm ODCM, to London, to New York City where she managed high-end residential interior projects, and eventually returning to Australia as a senior interior designer and project manager. Drawn by memories of family trips to Wyoming, Sarah relocated to Jackson and joined CLB in 2017. After six years at the firm, Sarah is a Principal at CLB, leading the Interiors team and working synergistically with architects and contractors to envision holistic, place-inspired projects.

Sarah draws on her world travels to forge a uniquely cross-cultural approach to design. Inspired from places as wide-ranging as Japan, Scandinavia, Brazil, and the Chilean desert, she filters these experiences through the specifics of the site and into the crafting of each interior detail. Although her ongoing wanderlust continues to pull her to new global destinations, Sarah also enjoys exploring the Wyoming wilderness with her three children, bicycling, hiking, and swimming.