Sarah Kennedy

Sarah Kennedy


Interior Design Director

Driven by the idea that interiors should evolve directly from the design of a building, Sarah’s work is rooted in an appreciation of the architectural ideas behind a space. After architecture, Sarah’s design language is guided by clients, nature, light, and materials, whether in her native Australia, her adopted home of Jackson Hole, or elsewhere. She approaches every project with the idea of composing interiors to be conversant with the built and natural surroundings. Throughout her career, Sarah has been involved in a wide range of project types including residential, hospitality, and retail design.

Sarah graduated from Australia’s Whitehouse Institute of Design with a Diploma of Interior Design and immediately enrolled at the Design Centre Enmore for further study. After earning an Advanced Diploma at Enmore, Sarah joined Sydney-based interior architecture firm ODCM. In 2006, she joined a pair of designers in New York to create and execute high-end residential interior design and decoration throughout Manhattan, before returning to ODCM in Sydney, where she continued her rise to become a senior interior designer, specializing in space planning, detailing, designing, and project management. In 2013, looking for new professional and personal challenges, Sarah and her husband moved to Jackson Hole, where she had been vacationing for over a decade. She joined CLB in 2017 as an Associate and was named a Principal in 2021. Sarah leads CLB’s interior design effort with a team of ten designers who play an integral part in all CLB projects. Her vision supports the firm-wide goal of creating thoughtful, well considered spaces from early conceptualization, through construction documentation, and furnishings.