Sited in the vibrant arts and convention center of downtown Denver, this 45-story tower is designed by CLB, with HKS, Inc. serving as Executive Architect. In a city that now boasts world-class architecture, the tower provides luxurious accommodation, heralding Denver’s arrival as the preeminent Rocky Mountain city.

The Four Seasons tower consists of private residences and a hotel, with shared amenities including a conference center, restaurant, spa, and retail facilities. Floors four through sixteen consist of 230 hotel rooms, and 105 residential apartments occupy the remaining upper stories.

In keeping with Denver’s spirit of urban renaissance, the tower design synthesizes elements of both the past and the present. In both program and execution, the building asserts a contemporary presence: interior appointments reflect refined urban sensibilities and a post-tensioned cast-in-place concrete structure expresses today’s construction methods. To integrate the new building within the historic center of downtown Denver, aesthetic inspiration derives from nostalgic urban skyscraper precedents, the form eroding symmetrically as it ascends. Verticality is emphasized through the juxtaposition of curtain-wall glass and pre-cast concrete piers: the piers articulate the length of the building, and the glass form emerges from the pre-cast skin, elongating the building at the upper floors and resolving in a distinctive 75-foot-tall communications spire. Dark-bronze anodized window mullions and metal spandrels further heighten the vertical effect of the tower, drawing the eye upward.

Project Team

Architecture: John Carney, Eric Logan, Kevin Burke, Matt Bowers, Steve Jakub