Wasatch Range Retreat is located in Morgan County, Utah, at the base of a new private ski resort.  The clients are avid skiers, have a large family, and the home will be a meeting point for all to gather.  The program includes six bedrooms, a bunk room, gracious living, lounge/recreation spaces, and centers around a covered courtyard that blends the mountain landscape with the interior spaces.  The dramatic single roofline closely follows the slope of the site, and fits within a very tight height limit.  From the most prominent vantage points, the home maintains the visual impact of a single story building, though many spaces were carefully buried into the hillside to maximize square footage while maintaining consistent access to daylight.  The upper level is clad with patina’d copper panels organically arranged into vertical strips, with accents of charred wood to resist the elements and soften the palette. The darker upper level rests on a light warm base of board formed concrete, which has an understated vertical texture imparted by the use of charred cedar formwork.

Project Team

Architecture: Eric Logan, Andy Ankeny, Forrest Britton, Danielle Price, Abigail Horton
Interior Design: Sarah Kennedy, Erica Hawley