Situated at the intersection of an open meadow and a forested hill in Montana, the Chapel of the Rattlesnake contemplates a moment between the meadow and the hill where one can descend under the ground plane and have an intimate moment with art, nature, and self.  The design of the chapel places it along the boundary of a flat, open meadow, and a steep forested hillside, where the ground plane of the meadow is lifted up like a blanket, exposing the chapel below.  Access to the chapel takes place through the meadow along a path, where the building is slowly revealed as a visitor walks along the path down to the chapel.  Several apertures are placed in the roof above to allow filtered light to penetrate into the patio around the chapel.  Screening elements are used strategically to direct the visitor’s path into the chapel then out into a reflection garden where they are given the chance to stop and reflect on their experience.  The chapel itself is clad in textured bronze panels, with concrete on most surfaces.

Project Team

Eric Logan, Jake LeMaster