Sited on a gently sloping knoll occupied by a mature aspen grove on a 40-acre property, Crescent H is oriented to capitalize on unparalleled panoramic vistas of the many mountain ranges that define Jackson Hole. The house was carefully positioned to take advantage of a natural clearing in the aspen stand, which dramatically frames views of Wyoming’s Cathedral Range.

A deliberate arrival sequence begins far below the building site. The entry drive ascends through the aspen grove and emerges in the open meadow where the house is revealed on the knoll. A monumental window wall within a stone building announces entry from the arrival court.

The home is organized to capitalize on views, light, and sequence opportunities afforded by the site. Program elements are arranged in separate building forms to optimize intimacy and connections to outdoor spaces. The broad protective roof of the living, dining, and kitchen pavilion stretches along an east-west axis. Two sculpted stone buildings containing bedrooms and other private zones flank a glassy central pavilion that hosts the public spaces. Movement through the house is choreographed to contrast the characteristics of solid and void, alternately creating refuge and exposure.

Materials include sedimentary stone from a regional quarry, which references the palette of the surrounding mountain ranges and rock formations. Clear vertical-grain cedar siding contrasts with the stone pattern while lending warmth and texture to the exterior. Inside, the same stone reappears on chimneys that define the pavilion’s public spaces. White oak flooring and expressively shaped ceiling planes—particularly pronounced with a butterfly effect in the upstairs gallery—echo the roofline above, and, in turn, the landscape beyond.

Project Team

Architecture: Eric Logan, Kevin Burke, Jake Ostlind


  • 2017 Merit Award, AIA Wyoming Chapter