This 1,100-square foot guesthouse in Wilson, Wyoming blends with the regional language of an existing main residence while expressing a more modern sensibility, in keeping with the owners’ strong interest in contemporary art and design.

On the exterior, the guesthouse relates to the existing main house with its simple gabled roof form and cedar shingle cladding. At the same time, the reductive form, with its deliberately composed window openings, copper detailing, and delicately structured porch, reinterprets vernacular elements present in the main house.

The focal point of the interior is a screen of eco-resin panels that enclose a stair and sleeping loft. The screen functions as a railing and adds a graphic presence to the interior where its form filters daylight and acts as a lantern within the space.

Project Team

Architecture: Eric Logan, Jim Cappuccino
Interior Design: Emily Summers Design Associates


  • 2007 Citation Award, AIA Western Mountain Region Chapter