Rebecca Elroy

Rebecca Elroy

Project Coordinator

Joined CLB: 2023
Hometown: Portland, Oregon
Education: Master of Architecture, Master of Interior Architecture, Bachelors of Science in Visual Arts
Outside the office: Outside of the studio Rebecca loves to design and build furniture, explore the Rockies with her dog Charlie, and paddleboard the crystal-clear blue waters of Wyoming. She’s also obsessed with Pickleball and plants.
Inspired by: Originally from the West Coast, Rebecca grew up in various rural towns throughout California and Oregon. Having spent her youth in quiet agricultural settings she transitioned to Portland OR, followed by nearly a decade in NYC. Her previous career in Hospitality Management in high-end NY restaurants gave her a unique understanding of the power of a well tailored space.

Rebecca draws inspiration from the transformative powers of architecture and design, and its ability to help us experience, understand and move through space in surprising and poetic ways. Rebecca believes in an honesty to materiality and the meaningful moments that can only be experienced from a thoughtful, well-crafted and detailed space. Rebecca is inspired by connections of the natural and built environment that respond deeply to the history and landscape with intention and care. She believes in an unharnessed curiosity and a boundless commitment to creating beautiful and meaningful work.

Rebecca began her design career after completing a double Master of Architecture and Master of Interior Architecture from University of Oregon in 2020. While Rebecca considers herself a city-girl, she thrives on vast and contrasting life experiences. After many years of city life, and her small town roots, Rebecca was drawn to experience the rugged and breathtaking beauty of the Wyoming landscape.