Mica Ratzlaff

Mica Ratzlaff

Project Coordinator


Mica grew up in a small town within a farming family. As a child in the agricultural world, she took careful notice of the surrounding environment and developed a deep love for nature. She hoped to find a way to better her surrounding communities, as nature often does.

While visiting Washington, D.C, Mica found a passion for architecture. The city proved nature was not the only thing that could impact our lives; when designed and crafted carefully with our environment in mind, architecture could.

Mica graduated with a Master of Architecture and Business Minor from Kansas State University. Her research focused on how the mind relates and reacts to built and unbuilt environments. During her time in the Midwest, Mica discovered the impact designers can have on our world through carefully designed moments that better wellness, promote mindfulness, and spark curiosity within the user. Mica works diligently to create spaces that are thoughtful of people and nature, ensuring activities at work and play can be enhanced through design.

Mica enjoys the Wyoming outdoors, traveling, cooking, baking, and woodworking. When not with her family or animals, she volunteers with mental awareness and animal groups.