Jody Donovan

Jody Donovan

HR Director

Throughout a varied, two-decade career Jody Donovan has thrived leading organizational development across fields and sectors. Jody has a depth of experience with operations, facilitation, staff development, training trainers, curriculum design, and risk management.

A lifelong learner with degrees and credentials from Colorado College, the University of Wyoming, and Yamnuska Mountain Adventures, Jody is committed to building systems and structures that support high-functioning teams. They are thrilled to be the Human Resource Director where they lead recruitment, support staff, align the firm’s direction with strategic goals, and create synergies to help ensure that CLB is poised for excellence for another 30 years.

An avid climber and backcountry skier, Jody also makes time to backpack and paddle board with their family. They are a part of the Jackson Hole Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Collective and regularly support its members and other community groups with related work and projects.