Erica Hawley

Erica Hawley

Interior Designer

Born and raised in Massachusetts, Erica’s lifelong love for design was ingrained during her childhood with inspiration from art, nature and historical New England.

Erica graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art History and Studio Art from the University of Vermont. After graduation, her enthusiasm for art and design was further ignited when she began working closely with the principal designer of a residential design firm in Boston. Learning from the roots up, she effortlessly fell in love with the process of interior design and the acute attention to detail. During her time in Boston, she grew from design assistant into executing the styling of furniture catalog photo shoots, as well as for architectural and design firms in the Boston area. She has developed an appreciation for balance and rhythm throughout the home; mixing the old with new and blending high and lows.

Her love for the outdoors and desire for a change in environment led to her move to Jackson. Since her time here, she has embraced the local lifestyle and the endless exploring of raw beauty of the landscape. She enjoys spending time on the water, fly-fishing, cross-country skiing, wandering the farmer’s markets as well as volunteering at Vertical Harvest.