Lindsey Kamerzel

Lindsey Kamerzel

Project Coordinator


Lindsey began her education by studying architecture at Montana State University but switched to pursue marketing and obtained her Graphic Design degree in 2016. She worked for SRI, a license holder for Caterpillar Apparel, as the Visual Merchandiser in charge of new retail store development and seasonal marketing launches for the international brand. While in this position, she was drawn to the aspect of storytelling through brand and marketing and realized this concept can be strengthened through design in a three-dimensional way. Her passion for architecture as it relates to human interaction and experience made her want to return to school to get her master’s degree in architecture.

She joined the CLB team in the fall of 2020 and put her design and marketing background to work contributing to brand projects – a natural fit for Lindsey while she works on finishing her degree.

Lindsey has always had an adventurous side and enjoys Drag Racing her dad’s 69’ Chevelle at tracks around Montana with her husband and dog, getting their camper out as much as possible during the summer, and taking yearly rafting trips on the Smith River.