Sydney Millyard

Sydney Millyard

Interior Design Assistant


Growing up in a family of graphic designers and art directors, Sydney’s appreciation for detail and design began at an early age.

An interest in fashion and interiors lead her towards prop and wardrobe styling assisting during college and eventually to an internship at Ralph Lauren. After graduating from St. Lawrence University in 2011 with a BA in Fine Arts, she moved to New York and continued working for Ralph Lauren on the men’s concept design team. Concept design opened her eyes to dimensional storytelling, collaboration, and creative use of new and timeless materials which set the foundation for her career.

Itching for wide open spaces, Sydney moved to Jackson in 2014 where she transitioned from the fashion industry to roles in interiors, retail, product development, apparel design, and visual merchandising in the outdoor industry. Sydney is excited to bring her diverse visual design background to the CLB interiors team where her experience in considerate storytelling for apparel collections can be applied to client’s intimate interior environments.