Jonah Gorder

Jonah Gorder

Interiors Project Coordinator

Jonah hails from the outskirts of Portland, Oregon, where he developed his fascination with social behavior and contemporary practices such as emotional disconnection, self-identity, and the obsession with eternal youth. Throughout his life, he has been a heavy consumer of American magazines and obscure European publications, filling his files with images that had been carefully torn out of those magazines and saved. Never having bothered to read the articles, he was only in search of inspiring and novel images, images to help shape his heritage. This practice, still holding today, developed a philosophy based on openness toward the human experience of space.

Trained at Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film & Photography and Interior Design, Jonah follows an efficient and organized approach to his work. Due to a myriad of backgrounds, he has a strong understanding of combining technical, aesthetic, and rhetoric skills in design processes and creative communication. Working within the realms of design and photography, his unique understanding of design, visual culture, and documentation has, over the years, influenced projects that aim to merge harmoniously with their physical, environmental, and cultural context. Jonah’s passion is to create iconic, simple, and lasting designs within the fields of architecture and interior design, that come alive through visual storytelling, strong concepts, and timeless aesthetics.

At CLB, Jonah contributes to the Interiors departments, as an Interiors Project Coordinator in CLB’s Bozeman Studio. Outside of work and design, you can find Jonah enjoying the lifestyle and natural beauty Bozeman has to offer, with live music, rodeos, snowboarding, skateboarding, backpacking, camping, spending time on the river, and exploring ghost towns.