Eric Ripley AIA

Eric Ripley AIA

Project Coordinator

Having always been drawn to nature and expressive architecture, Eric seemed destined to eventually move west.  Born and raised in rural Indiana, the invariable built world and landscapes of the Midwest inspired him to create through various art forms. He would then apply his creative efforts by studying architecture at Ball State University, where he clung to idea driven design and eventually grew a passion for the real world implications of constructing a design.

After working on custom residential and small commercial projects around Indianapolis, Eric joined CLB in the Bozeman office during the summer of 2020, following graduation.

Eric believes that architecture is more than a sculptural art form, but an avenue for engaging humans and inspiring for change.  A complex and cohesive union of problem solving, simplistic design, honest materials and inspiration through the site.  He seeks to serve future inhabitants, respond to the landscape with evoking design and ultimately change the mundane of the world, one opportunity at a time.

Outside the office, Eric loves the chances he gets to explore creation, travel to new places, dream of his next recreational endeavor, and spend time with his family.