Danielle Price

Danielle Price

Project Coordinator


Danielle attended the University of Virginia School of Architecture and earned her bachelor’s degree in science in architecture while focusing on urban system-based studios. Her curious nature led her to study cities that had always piqued her interest. She began with the Yamuna River Project, an interdisciplinary studio based in a deep analysis of the city of Delhi’s existing water infrastructure, education system, and socio-economic landscape to propose a new school typology. After focusing the semester on Delhi’s education system, Danielle took her senior thesis as an opportunity to return to her home city of Richmond, Virginia and research the city’s public school system to understand how design impacts education. To Danielle, good architecture serves as a community catalyst and her passion lies in creating spaces that serve the community.

After moving to a ranch in Dubois, Wyoming to better understand the American west through firsthand experience, Danielle quickly became enamored by the landscape and exploring the vast wilderness of Wyoming. She is excited to combine her love for the built and unbuilt environments in Jackson and to continue community, place-based work with CLB Architects.

Outside of work, you can find her seeking adventure through backcountry camping and climbing with friends.