Ashley Wilga

Ashley Wilga

Interiors Project Coordinator

Ashley was drawn to Architecture because it represents not only an individual, but the beautiful and innovative way people live in connection to their environment. Her belief is that design should have intent and should encourage a healthier lifestyle; one that is not only visually appealing, but evokes emotion, provides function, and enhances the way we live. She believes that good design is meant for all.

Growing up, Ashley found herself drawn to art, design, and nature. These interests led her to Marywood University in Pennsylvania where she studied interior architecture and earned a Bachelor of Interior Architecture (BIA) degree. Her education cultivated a love for textures, materials, furniture, honest and experiential architecture. These passions flourished while studying interior architecture in Florence, Italy. After exploring most of the east coast, she decided to broaden her horizons and move out west, where she joined CLB.

When Ashley isn’t in the office, she is drawing, hiking, kayaking, exploring the west, or at a local coffee shop.