This project consists of a new development on a nearly 20-acre parcel two miles south of Pinedale, Wyoming. The site and building design ‘fit’ the project to a picturesque bench site overlooking the confluence of the New Fork River and Pine Creek. Extensive re-working of an abandoned flood irrigation system and native landscaping reinforces the rural appearance of the project.

A 23,000-square-foot office building serves 100+ employees at full fit-out. The building’s form minimizes the scale of the building while consolidating the company staff to facilitate office-wide interaction between the production and engineering divisions of the company. The main entry is a timber-framed and highly glazed lobby space with a suspended catwalk offering distant views to the riparian corridor and the Wind River range beyond. Conference spaces, enclosed and studio type office spaces, a full kitchen and crew room, and locker facilities round out the building’s program. Throughout the building materials include timber frames, steel brace frames, and exposed decking. Additionally, a 5,000-square-foot storage and vehicle wash/repair shop is provided on site. The shop building is sited to partially screen views from the highway of the industrial yard that makes up the balance of the site. The design of both buildings utilizes forms and exterior finishes that reinforce a western ranch aesthetic.

Project Team

Architecture: John Carney, Kevin Burke, Matt Thackray, Lauren Frey