Located just blocks from the Town of Wilson, this residence is nestled in a 16-acre beautiful woodland property. The site for the 6,200-square-foot house was carefully chosen to take full advantage of the views across the valley to the Sleeping Indian and Gros Ventre Mountains, while preserving the intimate forest-like setting and existing old growth trees. The client desired a rustic mountain getaway for family and friends to gather and located in close proximity to backcountry skiing and hiking. They wanted a design that was fun and playful yet embodied the simplicity that is found in the western vernacular.

The design team’s solution was a compound or collection of buildings, each with their own function and story yet unified by consistent design details. A large stone tower with massive moss covered boulders anchors one side of a 28-foot bridge that connects the main house to the guesthouse, and creates a impactful entry experience. The other buildings are constructed with reclaimed timbers and corral board siding.  Details of steel add an element of refinement to the rustic material palette. These materials are carried into the building to maintain the rustic character, but are softened with accents of plaster, custom made rugs and comfortable furniture. Hidden throughout the house the whimsical nature can be found in secret passageways, ladders and even a fire pole that runs down the stairwell of the three-story tower.

The centerpiece of the living room is a stone fireplace that uses large boulders at the base and gradually tapers towards the top. The bathrooms blend modern and rustic elements with large marble and granite slabs contrasting the reclaimed wood paneling. Sculptural stairways, exposed timber structure and custom made chandeliers make this house one of a kind. The project embodies a unique blend of rustic materials and contemporary details that reflect both a client and designer’s vision for a mountain family retreat.

Project Team

Architecture: John Carney, Andy Ankeny, Matt Bowers, Sam Ankeny, Jen Mei
Interior Design: Agnes Bourne with WRJ Design Associates