In designing our 6,000-square-foot offices on a corner lot in downtown Jackson we had the opportunity to make a building that would promote modern design principles while also fitting into the western character of the town. We started this design while working for a financial services client on a large site directly across the street.

From the outset we faced obstacles at the town approvals level when we tried to use materials outside the acceptable palette, such as stained concrete and exposed steel structural elements. When we were turned down for a parking variance, we raised the entire studio program to an upper floor over a 20-car parking lot, which gave us the added benefit of covered parking.

Ultimately we were granted several variances and were able to create a positive work environment for the firm while expanding the range of acceptable materials and forms in the town.

The concept breaks the program into two separate volumes linked by a glass connector. The two-story shed roof volume on the north part of the site contains rental offices on the first floor and our conference rooms, support spaces, and lobby sit on the second floor. The studio space is defined by a gentle barrel-vaulted roof that accommodates our firm’s cooperative working style in an open plan while allowing us to maximize the volume of the space within the 26-foot height limit.

Project Team

Architecture: John Carney, Eric Logan