Along with the Four Seasons hotel and the Carney Logan Burke Architects-designed tram building, this mixed-use development comprises part of an endeavor to revitalize the base of Teton Village.

In addition to creating an inviting, pedestrian-friendly passage to the ski resort’s new aerial tram, the program for this 70,000-square-foot building consists of two levels of prime retail and office space, three levels of condominiums, and one level of below-grade parking.

As the only Teton Village building with primary pedestrian corridors on all four sides of a tight lot, the design team faced numerous height and safety regulations as well as a rigorous code of aesthetics imposed by the Teton Village Architectural Committee. By designing around these challenges and applying sustainable technologies, the team arrived at a high-performing building solution that fits with the existing architectural fabric of the village.

Project Team

John Carney, Kevin Burke, Cary Lakeman, Steve Jakub, Sarah Kennedy, Jennifer Mei, Jaye Infanger, Cynthia Harms
Interior Design: Carney Logan Burke Architects and Commune